Regenerative & Environmental Garden Design

Regenerative Garden Design

Improve an existing tiny or large garden — or create a new one — with diverse trees, shrubs, flowering and food plants that are native and don’t require chemicals to thrive. Your garden can be a space where you can care for plants that you love to see, to smell and to watch through the seasons. You can also grow wonderful foods that support the health of your community’s ecosystem.

“This (landscape master plan) is exactly what we were looking for! Thank you so much. It is wonderful (and) I can tell you put a lot of thought into our ‘wants’. I especially love the blueberry shrub idea and the raised raspberry beds.”


Hillside Pollinator Patch

Previous plantings were spotty and did not thrive on this difficult, very steep and sharply drained location.  Appropriate native and non-native plants suited to the soil, exposure and moisture conditions will now take advantage of the various views, both roadside as well as porch-side of the prominent slope.  Differing “flows” of seasonal color and texture will also now support the local wildlife the clients enjoy watching as well as their aesthetic preferences.

Residential Garden Master Plan

The family purchased an early 1900’s home with an overgrown, outdated landscape.  They are interested in growing their own fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way that makes the best use of time in their young family’s busy lives.  A series of raised beds create distinct locations to concentrate necessary, rich, fertile soils needed to produce nutritional produce, very different from the sandy, sharp-draining soil of the property. Native shrubs and perennial flowers to this sandy soil will provide color, seasonal interest and ecological benefits to the variety of other species that live in our community such as songbirds and pollinators. A mix of grass-turf alternatives will provide both green color and seasonal blooms in the sandy soil with minimal maintenance for a “lawn” that leaves time for family fun!

Empty Lawn Enhancements

This very busy, local health professional finally had a moment to look outside her home and decide that the former owner’s landscaping was not suiting her interests in wildlife viewing as well as favorite plants, colors and textures that she will now be able to enjoy at her own home.