What Our Clients Say

“Michele brings an extensive knowledge base and even more expansive enthusiasm to her important work. She provided consultation at Stonewall Farm in the fall of 2021 for our pollinator habitat. She quickly provided a report with recommendations that were adapted to our needs, unique microclimate with a variety of options. The Consultation Summary Report was quite useful in helping us take an inventory of the types of plants on the properties uses and invasive characteristics. Her services are something everyone homeowner and property can benefit from learning how to transform their outdoor living space into an oasis for conservation, food production or just tranquility!”


“(A local mother of four children, one year after planting her design) After years of therapy, it turns out  what I really needed to begin healing was to walk out (to the garden) in the morning with my coffee and sit under the shade of the flowers, dripping with dew, buzzing with bees and hummingbirds, to watch butterflies in the morning sun…I am suddenly not alone. I am with all these kindred spirits I had forgotten from my childhood…I am lucky to be able to walk by your living laboratory and am ever in awe of your boundless energy to experiment with new solutions to the problem of being in a human ecosystem endangered by the world we’ve made…My garden is wild, a sunny, little spot on earth, full of surprises, where life is thriving. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.”

– Local Client

“With so many plant varieties, it is difficult to know where to begin. Michele designed beautiful garden landscapes for our home that fit our busy lifestyle and seasonal preferences. Not only are the plants gorgeous, they are also native to the area and beneficial to nature as well! The flower blossoms attract a variety of butterflies and bees, which we love to see. Thank you Michele for your wonderful ideas!”


“This (landscape master plan) is exactly what we were looking for! Thank you so much. It is wonderful (and) I can tell you put a lot of thought into our “wants”. I especially love the blueberry shrub idea and the raised raspberry beds.”


“I called Michele because her gardens were so inspiring. I wanted suggestions of plant material, especially native species, and I wanted help designing beds. Michelle is smart, communicates very clearly, and loves what she does. It is great working with her.”

“Michele Chalice did a fabulous job of helping me re-plan my garden beds, using the many
perennials I already have in a new, creative flow!”