From Antiquated to Healthy Home Habitat Efficient


How one home progressed and continues to move toward even less consumption of heating oil, city water, and other resources with a satisfying sense of progress, efficiency, and grace.

Discover the sequence, costs, ROI, details, and challenges of upgrading/renovating a 1900’s single-family home into a fabulous, energy-efficient duplex. A stacked, one-bedroom, 3/4 bath-with-laundry apartment up front has the glorious, main stairway.  The back 2/3 of the structure is now a three-bedroom apartment (our home) with a full bath & a utility bath (toilet/sink/washer/wall-mounted drying racks). Both units have dedicated, off-street parking, amazing closets (with lights) and sunshine galore through a variety of unique and efficient improvements. The site contains several ecologically-progressive demonstration gardens as well as gathering spaces to connect with our community.



Discover the sequence, details, costs, and ROI of the Healthy Home Habitats house’s energy efficiency renovations.

This four-bedroom, two-bathroom house had been rented to students for many, many decades.  It used 700 gallons of heating oil each winter as many New England homes do.  It had antiquated electric and water services. For my daughter and I, it would be wasteful and unsafe as it was.  I acquired the house and promptly turned it into a crazy-energy efficient duplex that now generates rental income. Our 2/3 of the structure now uses 1/2 – 3/4 of a tank of oil annually with a monthly $13.81 Eversource Net Metering Connection charge for 80-90% of our heating as well as the house’s regular electricity usage. Find out how!