About Healthy Home Habitats

Delightful, Sustainable Landscape Designs

You want a better landscape.  We need a healthier world.

Let’s do both at your home!

We do this without a fancy plan, without tremendous expense, from your ideas, on your schedule, and over time.

We create a strategy that steps you to more color, diversity, sustainability and joy!

I can also come to your home with my tools to help you figure out which plant is a weed, plant your plants, answer questions, discuss what makes you crazy and what brings you enjoyment in your yard, build your knowledge, and create your perfect fabulous habitat.

Save money on plants.  Save money on water. Save time on maintenance. And best of all, feel great about collectively helping to heal our world!

Landscape Designs that look great and improve our environment

I create environmentally sensitive landscape designs for spaces that are sustainable and help to restore can contain raised, vegetable planters, and/or pollinator patches for healthier and beautiful native plants. You’ll love to care for spaces which require less water, less mowing of grass, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, and perennials that return each year. These gardens support your family with food and your surrounding community with a variety of native and non-native flowers, shrubs, trees, vines and bulbs.

Projects to Enhance Our Community’s Health

I create projects that improve our community’s health, increasing our community’s resilience and helping them to be more sustainable. “Easy-Peasy Vining Vegetables” is a beginner’s and/or family, garden project that gives anyone an easy way to grow vegetables at home. All that’s needed is soil along a fence (or in a pot), sunshine (6-8 hours of full sun), a vertical element (such as a fence, trellis or suspended strings), and water (from a hose or a bucket), the simple steps to grow vegetables right at home! We start the growing season with organic, Sugar Snap Pea Pods, then as the season progresses, organic Runner Beans, organic Cucumbers and lastly, organic Pumpkins. A person or family can grow just one or all four! Each of these vegetables are direct sown and produce abundant, fun crops with a weekly attention. HHH has posted free, “Step-By-Step”, 3-5 minute, YouTube videos showing our neighborhood’s children taking each step to grow the seeds into fabulous, tall, vines. These vines produce flowers that create beautiful, yummy, pea pods, cucumbers, string beans or pumpkins for fun, healthy eating right at home.