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STEP ONE: “Easy-Peasy Vining Vegetables” Home Gardening Project for Beginner Gardeners!

STEP ONE: Emma and her Mom Theresa embark on this pea pod growing adventure together. They set pea seeds to soak overnight so that the seeds are ready to sprout when planted (This overnight soaking helps all pea and/or other hard-coated seeds).

*Pea pod seeds

* Pour or place seeds in a small glass of clean, cool water to soak overnight.
* Make sure to use the next videos to plant your soaked seeds within two days for the best results.


Looking for something fun to do this summer with your children OUTSIDE in YOUR OWN yard? Come join the “Easy-Peasy” project! We’re starting with Sugar Snap Pea Pods right now, growing fun vines along your fence or in a pot!

“Easy-Peasy Vining Vegetables” is a series of short videos showing all of the steps involved in growing sugar snap pea pods. This is a beginner’s garden program meant to give anyone with some good garden soil (under a fence or in a pot), sunshine (6-8 hours of full sun), a vertical element (such as a fence, trellis or suspended strings), and water (from a hose or a bucket), the simple steps to grow vegetables right at home! We start the growing season with peas, then as the growing season progresses, cucumbers and pie pumpkins. A person or family can grow just one or all three as we progress through the season! Each of these vegetables are easy starters and produce an abundant, fun crop with much less attention than a whole garden.

Not feeling comfortable starting on your own? No worries. Come to the “Easy & Fun Home Harvests w/ Vining Vegetables” workshop, Saturday, May 21 from 10-11am. Participants will go home with one of the plants to start their happier, more compact and enjoyable, growing adventure right away! Learn more and register at: https://healthyhomehabitats.as.me/easyfunviningvegetables

Please share this with friends who are looking for an easy way to encourage healthy, outdoor, home activities with their children. It’s Fun to Grow Veggies in Your Own Yard with Healthy Home Habitats!

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