Starting From Scratch!

A new client called to say “We’re starting from scratch with our retirement home and we want to have it be ecologically friendly this time!” I was delighted to receive the call. They have two, playful dogs who are very important to them so no fussy, central garden beds. They are not gardeners and they want their landscape to be healthy, beautiful, less time-consuming for maintenance, and ecologically beneficial.

Below you will see three views of their new landscape design! These are photo vignettes that show how this client can achieve their stated goals while also enjoying a variety of native, nativar, and non-native plants’ seasonal blooms, fruits, and fall colors. As well, their lovely front porch views will be screened from the road and adjacent turn-around throughout the growing season, and their landscape beds will mature to have a dense, sun-blocking, groundcover of plants and shredded bark mulch that will reduce the number of weeds, moderate the soil temperature, and preserve soil moisture. This shredded leaf mulch will also assist throughout the winter providing plant root protection as well as slow-release nutrients. Keene NH is in USDA Hardiness Zone 5b.