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Planting Wildflower Seeds in the Rain

Invasive plants are removed from part of the shady north side of the property -good.

It’s a rainy, early summer morning here -also good.

It has rained recently so the ground is already moist -even better.

I’ve bought these native, woodland plant seeds from a reputable grower versus taking plants from an existing location -best.

Perfect conditions to scatter the seeds. Some are so teeny, tiny. There are 15 in the corner of that folded, white, seed packet!

We know that seeds like this can lie dormant in the soil for decades until conditions are just right. There are many factors in their favor so now is the time to start their new journey.

That said, these plants will be much less showy than the seed packet pictures would suggest. But their delicate characters and lives are a necessary, important part of our local ecosystems. All are valued here. Out to their new home they go. They will find the right location to begin. It may be years before they appear. These are long-haul endeavors. ❤

Bloodroot, Wild Ginger, Foam Flower, Red Baneberry, Wintergreen, Virginia Bluebells