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Mid-Summer Perennial Chop!

You know your TALL, top layer of pretty, blooming perennials that fall over every summer? Staking is a pain. Now is your last chance, the perfect time to cut them in half! Really. This is the last, best week to give your perennials a midsummer cut. Each stalk will sprout several buds laterally and Voila! You don’t have to stake them. Their flowers bloom later, extending your color season and the plant is fuller, less leggy. This can be particularly helpful with our tall, native perennials.

Use a clean, sharp tool to cut them in half (even shorter for the Geraniums that will have fallen/spread). Then stand back! I do this with all of my Asters and perennial Geraniums as well. I even cut the Daisies and the Joe Pye Weed this year. The plants look just a little strange for a bit. But truly, the smidge of extra work provides so many more blooms per season!

It’s alright. Try it!