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Favorite Environmental Actions at Home

Purple kale alongside the porch, Red Runner Beans and cucumbers hanging on the fence, pumpkins up a trellis and peach trees at the sidewalk, .

I love that at least this food will not burn fossil fuel being shipped cross country to our table. I love that we grow them creatively, in an urban setting, without chemicals, regardless of the fact that our property still has no traditional, vegetable garden. Even we don’t have the time for a traditional garden. Am I right?!

Granted, this food is not perfect. I have to REALLY wash the Kale b/c it catches our dog’s fur at the same level as the porch! But this fresh food is right outside of our door. It provides a bit of peace, a daily sense of relief, a feeling of taking action instead of paralysis.

What is your favorite environmental action at home that provides joy to your daily life?