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A New Woodland Wonderland

‘Tis the season, high season for landscape designing. It’s a delight and an honor to be cranking out these lovely ecological and aesthetic enhancements to local residences in our region. I’m thrilled that these families will soon have more attractive, native plants and less lawn. Their yards and gardens will be effortlessly feeding both our hummingbirds and all other birds with nectar, pollen, fruit and seeds from plants and shrubs instead of what the local stores sell.

This particular client wants more privacy with an arbor, pergola, and picket fence to complement their home. They are also wanting more of a woodland wonderland with plants blooming through the season, feeding the birds, and providing delightful views as they relax all season long. AND they are subject to deer browsing. So all of the plants need to be deer resistant. It’s true, it’s challenging to work within the constraints of, very often, drought resistance and 99% frequent, deer resistant plants. But who wants more problems? HHH designs landscapes for only more delight, less drudge.

Their season will start with an array of delicate, spring, forest wildflowers while the Serviceberry’s abundant, white blooms create a cloud behind the seating area. Daffodil bulbs are deer resistant too and will join in the fun with the elegant white Trillium for several weeks down below. Early summer a native Trumpet or Coral Honeysuckle will climb up the pergola and creates a bloom that’s just the right shape for hummingbirds <3 While a Fringe tree starts just after this with fragrant, wispy blooms just behind the pergola and as an exclamation point past the arbor at the end of the walkway line of sight.

Needless to say, this garden has been designed to have sequential and ongoing blooms throughout the season. But the best part is that all of these plants support the beneficial insects, butterflies and caterpillars that feed the rest of our wildlife -with dramatically less plastic, no landscape chemicals and LESS LAWN.

The clients will create and plant areas over time as per usual. But now they can get a glimpse of what an established version of their creation will look like. I want to go visit when they get this planted!

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