Family Gardening Strategies

Family Gardening Strategies

The “Easy-Peasy Vining Vegetables Grow seeds into fabulous tall vines that flower and create yummy pea pods, beans, cucumbers or small pumpkins right at home! This project is a beginner’s and/or a family garden dream project. All you need is fertile soil near a fence or in a pot, 6-8 hours of sunshine, a vertical element such as a fence, trellis or suspended strings, and water from a bucket or hose. Free step-by-step videos will walk you through the process to harvest and enjoy your own fresh produce.

“Community Shade” Plant the future with a 2-year-old native Red Oak that increases the value of your home and community. We provide two heavy-duty yellow tomato cages to protect the tiny tree from lawnmowers/whippers and an HHH tag that identifies the tree and its multiple ecological and aesthetic benefits.

“Best Garden Type for Our Family” Discover whether vegetable window boxes, fruiting trees, raised beds, a ‘square foot’ garden, a ‘lasagna’ garden or even simply patio containers will provide maximum fun and the greatest satisfaction for your family’s gardening efforts.

“Michele Chalice did a fabulous job of helping me re-plan my garden beds, using the many
perennials I already have in a new, creative flow!”